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Renfrewshire based, A&D Logistics marks its 21st year in business during 2016. The firm’s 60 strong, all Volvo fleet consists entirely of approved used FH tractor units all bought through their local Volvo Used Trucks dealer.

“It’s now 14 years since we bought a brand new Volvo FH tractor unit and since then we have relied on sourcing quality approved vehicles from the Volvo Used Truck Centre at Glasgow West,” noted Alan Bolsworth, co-director at A&D Logistics.

After 12 years of frontline service, the company have just disposed of its first Volvo used purchases, a group of six FH-420, 12 litre models, all of which have delivered sterling service.

“The first batch of Volvo used trucks have served us well. There have been no engine issues to report and the manual gearboxes have been equally reliable. Somewhat ironically we selected the latter option, as at that time, Volvo’s I-Shift gearbox was then new and relatively unproven. Needless to say we’ve standardised on I-Shift for several years now,” Alan Added.

Around five years ago A&D Logistics chose a standard fleet specification for its used Volvo trucks purchases. The company’s careful monitoring of performance standards saw it settle on Volvo’s FH-500 model on a 6x2 tractor unit chassis with a pusher / midlift axle.

 For maximum driver comfort, owning brothers Alan and Drew Bolsworth insist on Globetrotter XL cabs with Volvo’s Prestige interior trim which includes leather seats in addition to a fitted microwave and refrigerator.

Volvo Trucks’ online transport information system, Dynafleet, is also fitted to every FH the company sources. “Since deciding on our fleet specification, we’ve worked closely with Volvo’s used truck sales representative, Alan McGregor at Glasgow West. Every April, we set out our annual procurement strategy with Alan and he knows exactly what we’re looking for. Ex-demonstration vehicles and used trucks up to one year old in our fleet specification, are considered ideal and Alan goes to great lengths to ensure the correct used stock is sourced and available at the correct time,” reported Alan Bolsworth.

A&D Logistics currently operates 12 of the new generation Volvo FH tractor units and the most recent model delivered carries a specially designed livery to celebrate the firm’s 21 years in business.

The latest FH-500s come with Volvo’s recent enhanced 24 month selected warranties and of course the reminder of the standard manufacturer’s warranty where appropriate.

“The Euro 6 engine FH500s are already setting new fuel economy performance standards throughout the fleet and at present we are continuing to look at buying used Volvo trucks for the foreseeable future,” Alan Bolsworth enthused.

Just like the company’s first Volvo used truck purchases back in 2002, A&D Logistics plan a 12 year retention period for its 21st anniversary Volvo and its sibling group. “After giving Volvo a chance 12 years ago, we’ve built up our business on quality used FH tractor units, all complemented by a backup service that is second to none. With Dynafleet and driver training, our operation is now set up completely around Volvo products and the workshop also benefits from an imprest stock of genuine Volvo parts,” concluded Alan Bolsworth.

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