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“They used to say that Volvo built the truck around the man, whereas the others built the truck and expected the man to sit in it” Ian Allen remembers adding, “since we went over to Volvo in the late 1970s we won't have anything else, even now.” 

Ian and his brother David run their family's Leicestershire-based haulage firm, D. Allen & Sons. Nowadays this fleet consists of ten trucks; three eight-wheel tippers and a mixture of 4x2 and 6x2 tractor units, all Volvo and all bought used through the Volvo Used Truck Centre at Wellingborough.

The company's artics spend their time pulling light loads, so Ian's always looking out for those elusive used 4x2s to appear on the market.

“For tractor units I usually deal with Stuart Monk,” he reports. “He knows what I'm after and he rings me up whenever he finds one to see if I'm in the market. We know if it's coming from Stuart it'll have been through the workshop and has probably been on a maintenance contract, so it's been looked after,” Ian adds.

D. Allen & Son's tippers are 05 and 56-plates, with plenty of life still in them. The others range from 61 up to 13-plates and were bought under the Volvo Approved scheme.

“When they come to us they look like new” Ian says, “and you get a minimum of three months MOT and 12 months warranty on them too.” Volvo Used warranties are 100% manufacturer-backed, which means if there's a problem they simply come in to the operator's nearest workshop and are dealt with straight away, just like a new vehicle.

For day-to-day maintenance all D. Allen & Son's vehicles are looked after in-house, which is where having a reliable parts service matters.

“Being in Hinckley, we've got two Volvo Truck dealerships within striking distance at Coventry and Bardon and they both deliver twice a day,” Ian notes. “They usually have the parts in stock, but if not they're here the next day without fail. They are very good like that. Ultimately we like the truck, the drivers like the truck and Volvo is a dependable product which is what we want,” he declares concluding, “We simply can't fault them.”

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