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Leicestershire-based, MRS Hire Ltd provides trailer and tractor unit hire to the Pall-Ex network, offering a one-stop shop that couldn’t have happened without a regular supply of quality used Volvo trucks.

Managing Director Trevor Rowbotham reports, “We have been supplying Pall-Ex with trailers predominantly, that’s the mainstay of our business. As a consequence of that we got into tractor units.”

Nowadays MRS Hire of Melton Mowbray provides Pall-Ex with a majority of their trailers and a third of their tractor unit fleet, which they use both for their own trunking operations and on general haulage work. As Rowbotham adds, “We try to provide products to our customers that are of a premium quality and it seems to work as the demands constantly grow.”

MRS Hire Ltd was formed in 2013 in order to carve out a niche in specialist double deck trailer hire and since then it has also made a significant investment in a fleet that now stands at 29 HGVs, almost all of them being Volvo FH Generations IVs. During that time it has also built up a good relationship with Stuart Monk at the Volvo Used Truck Centre in Bardon, near Coalville, Leics, who keeps a steady supply of trucks flowing into the business.

We started out buying Volvo’s ‘Classic’ third generation FH trucks and then moved on to buying version four FHs,” explains Rowbotham, adding, “We like to keep them uniform and to the same specification, as much as possible; they’re much simpler to run.”

The company specifies its Volvo FHs in a 6x2 tractor unit configuration, with D13K engines producing 460hp and I-Shift automated gearboxes. These purchases are backed up with a two-year manufacturer’s Driveline Warranty. The trucks are purchased on finance and so owned outright at the end of the term. MRS Hire Ltd also does its own maintenance and ensures the vehicles are all kept in excellent condition.

It means that the assets are ours at the end and then we can sell them on when the time comes,” Rowbotham notes, concluding, “One of the reasons why we like the Volvo brand over other makes is that we want a reliable vehicle, one that we can work on ourselves. We’ve been sticking to a single specific model so that we can get used to what they’re like and if anything should go wrong, we can put it right more quickly. By investing both our time and money in Volvo, we feel it stands us in good stead and enables us to provide a quality service to our customers.”

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