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Sam Samra has been in the haulage business for 30 years. In that time his business has grown from one man and his Volvo in West London to a thriving enterprise in Warwickshire that operates 23 trucks and runs a warehouse covering over 10,200 m2. 

“At the foundation of this business is trust,” says Sam. “And this definitely extends to Volvo and its people. Kevin, our Volvo Used Trucks Sales Executive is, essentially, my eyes and ears when it comes to growing or updating our fleet.”

Sam explains that such is the understanding between him and Kevin that he doesn’t actually see a truck in the flesh until it drives in to the company’s yard in Rugby, Warwickshire. “Kevin knows what I’m looking for… and he delivers every time,” says Sam.   

Sam’s Transport (Heathrow) Ltd is fundamentally a warehouse and distribution operation that centres on general haulage (flatbed, low-loader, Euroliner & curtain side). “I would say we deliver pretty much anything to anywhere,” says Sam. “The vast majority of our work is in the UK, although we can partner with European based hauliers should this be required.”

Sam’s Transport presently runs 23 trucks, 19 of which are Volvo FH units purchased through the Volvo Used Trucks network.  

“When I started the business my first truck was a Volvo,” explains Sam. “Ever since, I have just stuck with Volvo as they are easy to maintain, parts availability is good and the trucks just don’t let me down. And this reliability is important when it comes to our customers’ trust in us.”

Sam is focussed on growing the business going forwards and he sees Volvo Used Trucks as an integral element of a successful future. “As a family owned business we are investing in developing our capabilities. We have now applied for an operators licence for 40 trucks, up from 23, and we will task Kevin at Volvo Used Trucks to find the high quality, low mileage vehicles necessary to meet our ambitions.”

Generally Sam’s Transport buys three year-old Volvo FH trucks, although Sam says the idea is to keep buying newer used trucks so the fleet is upgraded. “I really see no reason to switch from Volvo Used Trucks to brand new though. Our customers wouldn’t pay more if we arrived with a brand new truck. With Volvo Used Trucks we get the reliability we need and the economics make more sense.”

All trucks that Sam purchases through the Volvo Used Trucks network come with a 12-month driveline warranty. “What we get with Volvo Used trucks is a service on which we can rely, where the trucks are always delivered in excellent condition. I would say with Volvo we are getting premium, fuel efficient and powerful trucks and it helps that our drivers like them too!”

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