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Based in Maulden, Bedfordshire Three Counties Contracts Ltd (TCC) is a haulage business on the move. Started in the depths of the recession five years ago with a single truck and a container for an office, the company now operates eight trucks and the only container in sight is more likely to be found on the back of one of them!

“I guess you could summarise our business as general haulage,” said Managing Director Paul Howe. “We carry everything from reinforced foundation cages for the construction sector, through septic tanks to pallets. Alongside our trucks, which are predominantly Volvo, we also own a range of curtain-side and flatbed trailers so I would say we are equipped to handle most loads.”

Looking at the company’s growth over the past 60 months Paul attributes much to Volvo. “The backbone for us has been reliable, fuel efficient, solid and strong trucks. To this end Volvo has and continues to enable us to live up to our promises, which means our customers receive the timely and dependable service they rely upon.”

TCC’s most recent delivery is a three-year old Volvo FH12 460 with a single sleeper cab, which was sourced through Volvo Used Trucks. “This unit is a real gem,” said Paul. “The torque is quite something; at somewhere around 8 to 9 mpg the fuel economy is excellent and the I-Shift gearbox… well, I rate it as the best auto box on the market!”

Of TCC’s eight trucks, five are Volvo and all of these have been purchased through Volvo Used Trucks. “The reasons we use this service are varied,” said Paul. “Obviously, there is a cost saving on the front end, which suits our business as our customers would pay no more if we arrived in a 2015 unit. Secondly, with Volvo Used Trucks we get an excellent service. The trucks are well presented and look like new when they’re delivered to us. All units are given a multi-point check before delivery and as a result each and every one has come to us in good condition and to a very high standard.”

Paul also believes the support offered to his business by the Volvo dealer is second-to-none. “The people at Volvo are always prepared to accommodate us,” he said. “If we have a code alert or a last minute requirement of any type it seems to me that the dealer will do everything it can to keep us on the road. This flexibility is something quite special and a real differentiator for Volvo.”

TCC conducts a majority of maintenance in-house, although does turn to the Volvo dealer where necessary. “With all the Volvo Used Trucks we’ve purchased we have taken advantage of the 6-month driveline warranty offered as part of the package. This has given us peace-of-mind during initial ownership and to a degree eliminated much of the risk,” said Paul.

The first truck that Paul ever drove was a Volvo and now as Managing Director of TCC he believes the Volvo FH13-480 is the truck of choice for his business going forwards. “It ticks all the boxes! In fact, Kevin at Volvo Used trucks is on the look out right now for what will be truck number nine for us. And judging on his past finds I am confident he will locate exactly the right truck for us. He takes all the legwork out of finding decent vehicles. Indeed, he found several of the trucks we run currently and I never actually saw them in the flesh until they were delivered to the yard. This is the level of trust and the type of support that means so much to me,” concluded Paul.

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