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Malcolm Walsh Transport of Knowlsey Industrial Park, some nine miles north east of Liverpool, has traditionally operated concrete mixer trucks. However, new business opportunities in 2014 saw the company step up to bulk haulage with two used Volvo FH13 tractor units.

Equipped with ‘wet-kits’, both the FH tractor units were sourced and supplied by Tony Hadley from the Volvo Used Truck Department at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre North & Scotland in Lancaster.

Managing Director, Malcolm Walsh says: “Branching into the bulk haulage of aggregate and limestone fines necessitated a new approach. I had driven Volvo trucks before but never owned any, so the addition of bulk haulage to the business represented an ideal opportunity to finally purchase a Volvo. Through Volvo Used Trucks the FH13’s were the right price and specification to meet the opportunity and with a 12-month driveline warranty the proposition was even more attractive. Furthermore, Tony couldn’t have been more helpful and supportive and this counted for a lot.”

“I wanted to own a Volvo because you simply get less problems with them. The reliability is outstanding. They are stylish and comfortable too and I am very pleased with the fuel efficiency. I would say we are getting really good returns on fuel consumption.”

Both units feature Globetrotter XL cabs and are powered by the Volvo 13-litre D12 engine producing 500 bhp. “Both are covering about 100,000km per annum so I wanted trucks that were up to the job,” says Malcolm. “What I have found with both Volvo units is that they were absolutely up to spec when they were delivered to us and I must say the standard really is second-to-none. As far as I’m concerned Volvo went the extra mile in finding these trucks and pulled out all the stops for me. Throughout the process nothing’s been too much trouble and this is deeply appreciated. I genuinely feel that I have invested in a premium product that’s supported by a trustworthy and reliable organisation. Throughout it has just been a good experience!”

“I must say with the Volvo units nothing really goes wrong, so they are comparative strangers to the workshop,” he added.

When Malcolm bought the units he says that he looked at all the options available, including contract lease, but being in a position to put down a decent deposit he ultimately opted for outright purchase through an HP agreement as this best met the long term goals of the business.

“I have low finance payments, which suit what are the early stages of the expansion into bulk haulage. That said; our contract with CEMEX is developing well and I don’t think it will be too far down the road before I’m looking for additional units. And without a shadow of doubt I’ll be approaching Volvo to meet those future needs.”

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