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Family run W A Taylor & Son of Barnard Castle in County Durham is a relative newcomer to the haulage industry as an operation, but Managing Director, Wayne Taylor boasts a long history in the business, having spent many years as Transport Manager for a large animal feed concern.

Just over one year ago the fledgling operation bought a Volvo FH13 through the Volvo Used Trucks network at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre North & Scotland, Teesside, and as a result of the experience Wayne expects to be on the hunt for another unit later this year.

“Starting the business was really about setting my son, Ben, on the road,” he says. “Having spent a couple of years working in agricultural contracting in New Zealand and here in the UK he knew that trucking was where he wanted to be.”

As such, just over 3-years ago Wayne started the business, initially carrying out container work. “The containers were really just a starting point,” says Wayne. “It was not where we wanted to be as a business and fairly swiftly we transferred to general haulage with curtain siders.”

Since October last year the company’s two units have been working a minimum of 5 and often 7-days per week as part of the Barron Wood Distribution owner-driver network. “Barron Wood, based in Preston, keeps us really active,” says Wayne. “We carry everything from food, through furniture and beer to waste and scrap all over the country.”

A big advantage for the business has been the Volvo FH13. “This truck is truly special,” says Wayne. “It is nice to drive, the interior is lovely and really well laid out, the I-Shift gearbox is second-to-none and the torque from the 460bhp Volvo D12 engine is nothing short of brilliant! Yet despite the high performance the fuel consumption is also really good.”

The unit features an XL cab, leather interior, a fridge, microwave and even a flat screen television. “You really do get the home comforts,” says Wayne, “which is ideal as the truck is generally away for at least 5-nights each week.”

When the company first took delivery of the truck on a one-year lease - which then converted into an outright purchase, using Volvo finance once the lease expired - it had just over 200,000 km on the clock. “The unit now has 470,000 km under its belt and over the 270,000 km we’ve done we’ve not had a single problem,” says Wayne. “Volvo is the embodiment of a good, reliable truck and the support we’ve had from Teesside has been excellent. Everyone at the dealership has been so accommodating and as a result of our Volvo Blue contract, maintenance, servicing and compliance are all managed proactively, which again suits the business.

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